I’m on a journey of teaching myself more about Java, and here’s what I learned about Java Data Types…..

The Java programming language is both a statically typed language and a strongly typed language. Statically typed means that every variable, argument, and method must have a type known at compile time. Strongly typed means that once a variable or expression is established with a type then operations on that variable or expression is limited to that type.

In Java, types can be categorized into two divisions:

  • Primitive Data Types
  • Referenced Data Types

Primitive Data Types

The Primitive Data Types are 8 in total:

What Is A Data Structure?

A data structure is a way to store, organized/manage, and retrieve data effectively. Data structures are used in almost every program and are very important to learn and understand in software engineering.

What Is A LinkedList?

A LinkedList is a linear (O(n)) data structure that represents a sequence of elements that are the same type, which is often called Nodes. In each Node, there is the data and a pointer(s) that points to the adjacent and/or previous Node. The first node of the list is referred to as the head, and the last Node’s pointer in the list points to null or the head…

An Interface introduced in Java 8, contributed to declarative programming in Java. Declarative programming is a style of programming that describes what you want, instead of telling the compiler how to do it, which is Imperative programming. A Stream is a sequence of elements supporting sequential and parallel aggregate operations. In other words, it allows us to define a pipeline of operations to process a sequence of elements.

The stream pipeline starts off with a source that can be an array, a collection, an I/O channel, etc. Attached to that source is anywhere from none to multiple intermediate operations, and…

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